Springs, troughs, and dams.


Our highest field has a spring that rises directly into the trough- no muddy mess to spoil the view.

E and I took a tour around the ranch driving and hiking, checking 7 of 11 spring fed troughs and ponds.


This spring feeds into a little clear pond, with cattle trails etched into the hillsides.


The truck sits on the edge of the aquifer that feeds the pond below.


On our last day up in July cattle were sorted in the corral, and they quickly drained the water trough and it didn’t refill. I knew I’d find something like this mess up at the headwater on the hillside far above the corral.


Lucky there isn’t a calf or a cow half-submerged and long dead in there-  the surrounding corral is flattened and the springbox has seen some limited swimming.


Cows wresting over a drink dented the wall of the trough.


I tell Dave about the spring box and he comes up the next day with some solutions.


E takes in the view while we look at the problems at the spring box.


You can see the barn from here…


Hauling this gooseneck to the high fields resulted in a scalped boulder.


Under the wreckage, everything is chugging along.


The duct tape & tube attempt at irrigation drainage. Greasy the dog knows this won’t work.


Three runs of tubing from down in the garage fair better, but even better is Dave heading down to blast compressed air into the line at the corral- he gets a deluge of sludgey water down on his end and the springbox up on the hill empties out.


Duane uses his atv to pull out the cow dent.


We pile stones around the outlet tube at the bottom of the springbox to keep debris from plugging it (and I’ve piled stones bottom of image to keep the cows from pressing on the fence). Spring water runs from deep in the hillside through the black tube to feed the spring box and in turn the corral, as well as the trough we pulled the dent from.


Panel gate is set over the spring box, then covered with steel roofing panel.


Next we pile on heavy old boards. The little corral is fortified with 16′ stock panels and stones.


My rosebush cutters and I ready to depart.


Safe for cows again.


My dad and I last refit this in 2000.


The water from this spring feeds all the way down to the yard spigot (needs replacing, so no water for the yard), runs through the basement of the house, and ends out in a trough for the corral- the trees just block the view of the trough in the corral.


Here is the trough in the corral, now running nicely.

  1. Wow what a mess! I’m glad you were able to get it all up and running again. 🙂

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