Rodin’s lost marbles- found!

These two small figures have been coming to life at a snail’s pace. Work small and fast, I thought. Use images from a long ago trip to the Rodin gardens in Paris, I thought. Try a new molding technique, I thought. I am now ready to mix up the silicon and pour the figures, after which I will cut the molds mostly apart. Then at some point I will pick up some plastic resin casting media, and see how that works. It everything mostly works out, then these may act as foundational figures for a mashup of forms I’ve been thinkin’ on- using the new-to-me media of casting resin. Ongoing to all that, I will continue creating new figures at this small scale.


seated female figure with marble.


















This shows the sinuous rhythms I was going for.






10″ tall figure, when standing, around 6″ sitting- including the base.


Trying a new mold technique, we’ll see if it works. If not, the figures are lost…

  1. I remember walking through those Rodin gardens with you. Highlight of the entire trip! Good luck with your new mold technique! I’d like to see if the resin sculptures work out.

    • Our walk through that garden was an eye opener- like hearing a symphony live vs having a bug stuck in your helmet. I had a little blowout on the tall one’s mold- I turned around and all the silicon was pushing up from the bottom of the mold and puddling on the ground. Problem was solved low-tech via a weight and board, and the silicon scooped up and re-poured. Art really just wants entropy to kill it, always. Punks like Rodin never had to deal with the logistics of mold making and production.

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