Cast marble figures



The resin casting came out pretty well. I blended marble powder at nearly 1:1 with the resin, making these figures poly-marble. I have yet to clean them up; the heat from the resin kicking off in the mold found and bound every bit of clay that hadn’t been scrubbed from the silicon mold, and there is some chasing necessary as there are some areas that picked up air bubbles and etc- but nary a seam line anywhere. At some point I’ll switch up my media and do a set in cold-cast bronze. Now I wish I’d taken these little sketches just a bit further along and resolved some the proportional gaffes / refinement of features /  extension of gesture.  So I may remake them, to push them further toward Rodin’s use of torsion and collapsing v enervation.


the underside of her forearm didn’t cast- probably an air bubble. also- the ball she balances on her shoulder…I’ll give her a glass or a steel marble.





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  1. n8girard said:

    Looks cool. I’ll bet if you just did another pour they’d be pristine because these bonded with all the remaining clay. I’m not sure how you are planning on finishing them as resin can easily be painted. Play with this set though to find out what works and what doesn’t. Looking good tho! 🙂

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