Antler Hat and weir weirdness of the Silvered Faerie folk.


She grows antlers only once per millennia, then gathers heavy gears to attract a mate.


She awaits rare spawning males at the headwater.


With the antlers she is often mistaken for the common Eastern variety, but in looking closer one can see the foot extending from the back of her head- identifying her as the variety exclusive to the region West of the Rocky Mountains.


Heavy gears are prized as means to grind with mated cogs.


With the largest gears collected by the dominant female, this juvenile will gather “Like Items” to befriend immature males. These friendly relations are maintained until the Head Foot of maturity emerges. At this point her “Like Items” are discarded and she begins searching for gears as her first points of antlers begin.


The male holds his gearing aloft, signaling his willingness to mesh cogs. Also, the “codpiece”.


The “codpiece” of the male is a subtle indicator of attraction, often missed by the casual observer.


The silvered fairy folk are only amorous where they find a weir and running water. This riparian biosphere is maintained specifically as spawning/rut for the endangered Western Silvered Faerie.


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