Back to the drawing board..


one and two minute gesture drawings, with one figure pulled up.

Drawings! Hundreds can be completed in the course of a month of drawing daily, and the vast majority of them can be / should be thrown out. Sculptures are such black holes of time and effort that they seem more important than they are, and terrible undead monsters arise to haunt the studio. I ripped a slew of them down 6 weeks ago, and started again, and was still doing crap work- so I left off on sculpture to focus on drawing. I haven’t posted anything ’til now as in the past I’ve tried posting my daily work, and the work suffers or I just quit altogether.

Over lunch I started looking at the jumbles of quick gesture drawings, and would grab a pen or dark pencil and find the best lines. Prior to this I would just throw the pages out, but so much information is loaded into the quick sketch that it became an art game to amuse myself with.

Eventually I pulled out an ink brush with cartridges like a pen that my Kansas friend Sean gave me last Xmas. I took the art game to a new level and layed in the original line as the best line. This game is still a JV or pee-wee effort, and the authority of the ink wants all the drawings to be “keepers” which is a yellow card offense.

Then there are today’s rather overtight graphite renderings from looking at drawings by Sabin. His drawings are both sculptural and anatomical, massive and gestural. So challenging and aspirational to work from.

More productive than drooling on myself in a random corner.


one and two minute gestures, with two figures pulled up.


one and two minute gestures, multiple figures pulled out.


Three gestures.


Ink brush gestures 2 minutes.


Ink brush .5, 1, 2 minute.


Ink brush 2 minutes.


Modified contour/gesture, 1 min ea.


Gestures re-lined.


Pencil drawings, overdrawn with ink pen.


Pencil overdrawn with ink.


Gestures and minimal line overdrawing.


Minimal gesture, overdrawn with ink.


lean anatomical dude


Hour study from Sabin- 11.20.15


Hour study from Sabin. 11.20.15  Proportion fell apart a bit…


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