Monthly Archives: January 2016


Morning Glory Natural Bridge. Acrylic on board. 32″x49″ 2015 (with some final tweaks yesterday)

After nearly a year of hanging on the wall, problem areas and fixes amassed and I set up the easel and went back into it. Now the yellow wall on the L recedes from the central bridge, the central form of the tree is warmed a bit tying it to the sandstone as it had drifted too far into the realm of the sky, and subtle tweaks to how the stone forms meet the edge of the picture plane at the top of the composition to project the mass out and overhead. Also, I wanted to reshoot it with my new/used camera: a Sony NEX-7. My old first digital camera (2007) was killed by the airlines on the flight to KS for Xmas, and Wichita has a great used camera store= Santa-self says: Merry Xmas art nerd, now you can take great pictures of your mediocre little hobby.

A little mechanical bird told me that my platform will go dark as a new platform replaces it. All the information contained on each page is still viable, but I had to rebuild the website onto the new platform. The new platform is pretty keen, set to work across devices from phones to ipads to laptops. All day Wednesday was spent rebuilding the site, and the past two days have been dedicated to editing and refining. I went back into Pythagoras, Salt In Suspension, Bonneville Reliquary Bend, Bronze Pour, and edited down the About page (still needs more work), and lots of other tweaks. It is the kind of thing that eats up whole days. Take a look over at It should all look pretty familiar, but much better if you are using your phone.


Had to go way into the guts of the computer to find this MFA image of the bees wax Intron Figures again- but worth it!

The Idiocracy gathered in Wichita over the holiday to save Elizabeth’s childhood piggy bank. It was bloated and had shuffled itself to a quiet corner years ago. We coaxed it out, hefted it onto the surgical platform, a kerchief soaked in anesthetic is held over the snout, and surgery begins!


Elizabeth & Allison’s childhood piggy bank is getting sleepy.


The surgeons arrive.


Removal of the obstruction.


Walt ponders the plug.


Patient tickling breaks up the penny load. Piggy comes through feeling a bit worthless inside, but we tell her those feelings are side-effects of the anesthetic.


Feed bucket of pennies: value @ $127


A perfect Xmas begins here…


Yule log blazing with a Kansas wind at the door.


Cabinet Meeting, Idiocracy style.


Elf fitting the Noel slipper, after cocktails (ongoing).


Subcommittee contemplate essential aspects of mixology.


Allison sneaks a peak at Walt’s new  “sitbit” … or “sipbit”?


Reindeer can really tear up a garage.


Junk Boys, trip two, for tidying up the garage.