Westley Wheelbarrow. Only mostly dead.


The ancient wheelbarrow thinks it is dead: the wheel no longer holds air, one handle is nearly snapped off, the frame twists crazily under load. Resurrection via a strap clamp and a handtruck; being dead doesn’t mean you get out of work.


This 50′ area was lawn, and now is where front yard Xeriscaping trials will begin. SLC has the same climate as Albuquerque, New Mexico- so big lawns are unsustainable water hogs. Tearing out the sod was step one. Barrier cloth was step two. No step three yet. 


The shoddy sod went under the ground cover to help fill the dip where I laid in channel tubing to bury the irrigation ditch running behind the studio. It will compress down over time. That or I solved the neighborhood’s barking dogs problem…


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