Telekinesis is go.


The Borg have a new business model. Resistance is futile?


Telekinesis is go.


Easy come, easy go. The in-between part may have included a battle with the Borg Queen; that would explain why the “empties” are packed full of Borg henchmen .


Xander wanted to get in that box soo badly.


Unlike my old yuppie neighborhood, I can block two driveways at once with a moving rig and no-one calls the police while going into hystrionics.  


Our new thoroughbred grazes the lawn.


Lucky is a Wichita transplant, the noble stead of the Idiocracy.


Gekko makes room for Froggy.

We had a few pods arrive all the way from Wichita. Kaye & Walt are downsizing out of the home they raised the girls in, so consequently we are down-openspacing (also know as clutterfucking). The best thing is, now we have a Pony. Maybe I should get my dad’s saddle back from my sister…


Froggy will guard the studio, when not a-courtin’.

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  1. I like froggy and gecko! Of course, ponies are always good too …

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