Tool Resurrection.


After yesterday’s snowstorm, and before going to stand in the cold for a few hours to caucus, I put a new top & shelf on this old workbench (after giving the whole thing a light sanding, pulling errant staples and nails, and abandoning ideas of refurbishing the eroded old top). This morning I came up with a system to add/subtract the two vices.


The big lever-arm drives a punch, while the front vice opens at 45 degrees. A very specific tool, for I don’t know what- but handy.  The platform is held in place with wooden dowels that peg into the table top. I need to remake the platform in plywood, but this will work fine until the particle board shatters (I’ve remade it once already, the current platform is a remnant).



This little sliding vice is clamped to the supporting beam of the table via a run of oak.


Having a clear bench top is key to work flow; the vices store below. The steel wheels roll it in & out of the shop with ease.


This is the new best spot in the whole studio/shop.


This is where the woodbench resides. Two new benches and the Impreza still fits in the garage.


Tuning up tools from Wichita in the afternoon sun.


An old wooden level, and a hand plane.


The bubbles are cleared and the wood is conditioned via wax/steel wool rubbing.


Although still able to cut a curl, I took the Smooth Plane apart and addressed issues of rust & dirt & age, then reassembled it.


The Jack Plane is a hard contrast to the Smooth Plane. 


This old Jack Plane will be my next tool resurrection.


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