Ghost Arm


Sequential Casting of Peter, long unfinished with an arm lost during casting- gets a new arm!

Marble arm prosthetic for the bronze figure. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but he says it feels almost normal. He is contemplating whether he wants a Marble foot as well.


The new arm is cast in Marble. 


The marble to bronze fitting took quite a bit of fussing. A casting window on the ball is filled with Marble as well.


Part of both hands and a section of the ball were also seamed in place.


A casting window on the calf gets a Marble plug.


The shined bronze is from fitting the stone; another process mark.



Meanwhile; Spring.


Tulips at the edge of Iris.

  1. n8girard said:

    Interesting effect this has! It almost feels like the bronze part is some scarred and burned flesh and the marble cast is the pure form untouched by the fire or something. I think I’d like to see a few pieces where the flashing bronze technique was used in less proportion than the marble cast and in strategic places like the face, hands, or heart or something where you get a strong sense of the agony the figure was going through. Like a physical scar of sorts. It’s certainly interesting to look at!

  2. This was the last bronze figure cast in my crazing method, as I have to do it myself in an archaic foundry. They are from 2012 when I was teaching up at the University. This melding of media would be a fun direction to continue, as I could push for even greater casting risks with the bronze. More art that will never be made…

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