Monthly Archives: May 2016


Wisteria needs a pergola, so off I go…


Wisteria is going into its 4th year, and had climbed to the top of the screen last year. 


A string links the Wisteria to the pergola- it’s already half way up there.


Some day the Wisteria will make a nice privacy screen.


A few days earlier (Sat) I put in this new screen for the fish pond.


Raccoon sushi bar is officially closed.


Team Goldfish.


Kaye’s Dragonflies among the pond iris.


Iris patch in full bloom.


Yellow goes horizontal. 


Inside yellow v Outside yellow.


Boulder Colorado variety.


These smell like honey.


Boulder Colorado Burgundy


That color is impossible.



Meyer’s Ohio Farm variety (Allison’s patch) 



I worked the rose bed this spring, and it made a huge bump in blooms.