Montana Workation; again.


Heavy late snow followed by rain and things are green and toppled around the yard. 


Giant willow branch fallen in the yard? Get Elizabeth to do a magic pixie dance, then…


Pixies got mad skilz.


Big hanging branch snagged in the tree over the creek. Let E sit under it and think for sec…


Thinked & Thunk!


Two giant willow limbs have Lyle Rock a bit bummed, Stanley helps think about this one.


Silver-Pixie powers activate! Lyle Rock is happy again.


If you believe in the power of the Little People and the Hidden Ones, stop now.


Safety-Comes-When Man is here!


Pole saw needed to sit in the sun a bit before it decided to work.


Last summer’s giant stumps, with snag removed.


The Widowmaker is de-limbed.


Some big tie-down webbing and a come-along help subdue the rowdy limb.


Like cutting a cuticle holding a whole ripped fingernail in place. 


Safety-Comes-When Man defeats The Widowmaker.


Now on to the real projects.

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