Mustang’s old paddock gets a facelift.

_DSC5057 - Version 2

It rained for a day or so. E & I put a fire in the woodstove and worked in the house with the U-Haul load we pulled up from SLC  with the truck (via relocube from Wichita).



The weather breaks and it is on to powerscraping the old garage of it’s old paint down to fresh board. E has to unplug the fridge to bring me another length of extension cord to reach the farthest door.


The last time this garage saw new paint was in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s when I was up for a visit and my dad put me to work with a hand-scraper and a paintbrush.


A cool breezy day that never quite rains is perfect weather for chipping paint at high rpm’s. The hand scraper still saw some use.


The day thinks about clearing up.


The big door is clear. Two seasons ago Dave used his tractor to pull out the concrete footing that was heaved up into the door. Last summer we “fixed” the flip-up door, he and I used our sawzalls to remove an inch of the bottom of the door so it would close against its heaving concrete.


The day really starts to freshen out.


Stanley hears no rabbits in there, just a wren singing from its nest in the rafters.


Leg table. Seemed like a good idea, but the bruises across my legs will be there awhile.


6 hours of steady work and many grinding heads gone.


Super-squeeze clamps tighten the panels and I set about tightening it all up with heavy-duty deck screws. This goes on ’til nearly sunset.


The next morning it is caulk for all the upper seams and borders, still allowing water to escape the bottom of the un-caulked seam.


After a few hours break for bluebird house inspection & triage, the caulk has set and painting can begin.


The sprayer’s last project was the barn, but it is ready to push paint.


Today’s goal: spend as little time on the ladder as possible.


Already onto the second gallon. I thought I had four, but turns out; only three.


Big door gets only one coat, the others are dry enough for a quick second coat before the paint runs out.


Finished! The panel in the grass was for a temporary door on the old grain bin, but no paint left for that so back in the garage it goes.



Painting projects from last summer and now.

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