Still a Cattle Ranch after all.


Meanwhile; cattle at the front gate.


The cattle have been on the mooove since 10:am at our leasor’s place, in a slow steady 15 mile climb to their summer pasture here on our land.




Asparagus grows wild at the corner of the yard; all good cowgirls have an eye for it.


The support crew on their brave steads.


A little family reunion for the early arrivals in the corral with the larger herd.


Wi-Fi the cowdog lits out to see that everyone has made it to the Airbnb for the night.


Greasy the Cowdog is pretty sure he should get most of the day’s credit.


The next morning the herd is rounded up into the corral and split into their groups for summer pasture.


Which one is the rascal? Trick question. They all are.


This pair and a few more will live up here for the summer. I promise not to paint the Paint barn-red this summer.


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