Time for Bluebird Housing


E & I headed out with Stanley to make a few bbird fixes we’d noticed on a drive up the road the night before. We headed down an old road that the county no longer serves, and found an ancient world of forgotten bbird houses.


I could fix this one with tools I had laying about in the truck, the one behind (and another we picked up further down the road) needs shop help.


Bluebird’s view from their fixed house (occupied within a day).


Fitting a new roof for this old BBird house is my kind of fun.


Maybe a little too much fun.


Definitely a bit of crazy fun. Or just crazy.


Our Bluebird Trekking Tour set last summer for our anniversary- heading up to the high hayfield.


Every house is as this: nested pair flitted out and watching us or the male out and the lady on the eggs.

_DSC5100 - Version 2

Happy Bbird House.


Carpets of Larkspur.


Galaxies of Shooting Stars.


Alpine Meadows with wildflowers and cattle.

_DSC5107 - Version 2

Male Bluebird leads us away from his nest.


Stanley and Elizabeth share silvered-fairie glances; everyone enchanted by the blue bird trek.


Next morning. My birthday. We are heading up to fix the one house knocked down by itchy cows.


House #1. Cow scratching post.


House #1, back in service. (Occupied within a day.)


This is the Bluebird view out the front door.


I add some chunky stones to stumble up any cows that feel itchy.


Next fix, miles away along the county road; still on the ranch.


That little brown board keeps the roof/lid from lifting in wind and rain from coming in. 


We head back down the old unserviced county road and put the refurbished houses back up. Their roofs are painted white with scraping the buckets of the garage paint.


Kibbey Grade Road leads to lost treasures of BBird houses and views.


Look out for the barb wire, bird nerd.


E starts spotting old houses swept by wind and snow far afield.


This one only needs a new wall and roof. 


I found all the scavenger hunt items my silvered-fairie wife and the bluebirds set out for my 48 Annum Challenge. 


New backing board.


Angled staples provide grippy steps for baby birds to climb from the nest to the hole.


Scoured with sandpaper. Cracks and splits jointed with staples. Ready for new top and side. 


The 48 Annum Challenge required the return of 3 BBird houses. One of the scavenged houses was only good for recovering hardware for future triage of houses with more potential. This meant pulling a prototype bbird house that I had converted for Wrens, and reconverting for Bluebirds.


BBird House graveyard bones.


The green curve of pasture in line with my hat marks the end of the BBird Trekking Tour. We are getting thick with bluebirds up in here.


I found this one in a muddy hole partly covered by road grade push-over. It is now safely on my fence-line, just a bit further along the county road.


We head along the top of Kibbey Ridge Road to set up the field-found scavenger hunt house, finding a nice spot where it has a chance for another 50 years.


View for the Bluebirds on Kibbey Road of Square Butte (with smoke signal cloud above it) and the Highwood Mountains.



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