Evening Tour of Everything


The ladies drop by for Montessori lessons from the humans.


Today’s Lesson: insights into strangely retentive bipeds. These are two of three closet doors stored out in the woodshed for a few years; scrubbed with 000 Steel Wool to release grime and old paint and etc, then refinished with lemon oil. Finally rehung in the Bee Bedroom.


E & I spend quite awhile pulling old metal scrap out of the lower river, then on to old or abandoned/new fence posts sequestered all about, and some old salt troughs made of car tires. Which led E to brainstorm; why not use those big tractor tires to guard the barn from the horses? So I rolled this one uphill to the barn, with E helping to steady it as the hill grew steeper and my enthusiasms waned.


Why did rolling it up there seem like a fun idea? Tire #2 gets dragged behind the truck, with a few smaller bonus tires in the bed.


 Mostly because I rolled the first tire through a sloppy mess of cow shit.


Horse bumpers. The equine’s love the shade of the barn, and kick out the foundation and rub and rub. These tires guard the refurbishment of the barn, putting an endcap on two long troughs made of split tractor tires. 


The inspectors arrive.


All the tires, and old troughs, get holes drilled through to drain any standing water.


Another round of holes are drilled and wire stitches/threads the tires together. The horses  wond when I’ll get around to filling the tires with grain or salt.


Stanley told me I wouldn’t be able to cut wire that thick with those pliers, but I had to try anyway.


We head out for sunset up onto the high ground on both sides of the valley, zooming about on a lender 4-wheeler.


E spots a windfarm.


I painted this landscape back in the 1990’s; no windfarm back then.


We were just on the sunny spot on the far ridge a moment ago; the other side of the ranch.


E stands in for scale.

_DSC5297 - Version 2

These deer run along with us for a bit.

_DSC5300 - Version 2

The Aspen save up that golden sunset light between them for the autumn.


View to the North, and Belt mountain.


This is where our place blends into our neighbor’s. 

_DSC5301 - Version 2

Belt mountain turns purple at sunset.


Next morning; departure day. Yard is looking spiffy.


Stone trails are all revealed. This one leads to the new footbridge.


All tidied up for summer.


We’ll miss the big bloom of Iris, but this white lady opened early.


She awaits our return.


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