Monthly Archives: November 2016


Wood-stained Xmas train.



Engine with old Santa bust. Topping the smokestack is a battery from the bike odometer.


Engine and electric coal-car.


Battery Car


Battery wiring.


Liquid Christmas Spirits


Candy Car: to be filled…


Passenger Car






Train dressed out for the holidays.


The Yule-Car filled with cheer.


The Frosty Freeze, with magic hat can make endless living snowmen.

This train set is a creation of John Belt, who runs a subsidiary Santa’s Workshop out of his pro-grade “hobbyist” wood shop in Wichita. St.Nick can always rely on John for wonderful wooden toys. I traded a bit of custom sculpture (molds for a Santa and Elf that ride in the cab of the Engine, not yet added here) with John for an unfinished train set. The set was so nicely made that I couldn’t bring myself to paint it. Instead I sanded it down to a 220 grit, mostly just cleaning the wood of invisibles like fingerprints, so the various wood stains would sink in evenly. ┬áJohn tells me this is the first set to be stained rather than painted. Probably also the first conversion from coal to electric.


Lights up just in time for snow.


Lucky is feeling festive.


Yule get Lucky!

Got the lights up just in time for our first real snow of the season. Lucky is decked out with holiday cheer under the Yule-tree. The lights are all new and mostly LED. The big pine out front is a clean white, which the picture corrected to blue under the warm light-pollution-lit storm. (LED’s started as one new strand in-line with all the old lights, put on in reverse for the first time -aarg!- so they all came back off and back up so it could plug in and night fell and the new strand made all the old lights look yellow, so down it all came yesterday and all new LED’s went up, Third Time is a blahblahblah). Maybe next year, or maybe if the weather breaks; the big pine’s old lights could go on the house-hugging Juniper, bcs: more seasonal shwag to come…