I prefer a Montey Python fish slapping to this.


Not the fun Peter Gabriel sort of sledgehammer.

First of the Frankenfish. If this is an indication of what is to come, then there may have been a big fubar in the foundry wax room; letting the wax fish get too hot and slump/collapse. Which I warned them about, and only annoyed the wax personnel- this could also be partly why so many failed in pour. Four of the fish should be swishing their tails and two should be straight. So far I have either finished out the two straight fish, or, all or some of the four swishing tails slumped in the too hot wax room. The big foundry I worked in back in the day kept their wax room air conditioned year round, as a hot wax room is a recipe for disaster.


Drill hole, bang on pin.

The fish halves aligned well enough, but had no sense of volume when it came together. The other side needed pushing out, so nothing to do but drill a hole and bust out the sledges. Any missed hit will collapse this side, but any amount of hitting the pin seems to amount to nothing. Upping the sledge size also ups the chance of disaster. Slowly and with just a few hits to the hand, the metal grudgingly moved just enough to match this side. A skinny fish, but not a gaunt one.


 This is not what a good day looks like.


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