“Little Improvements” for sanity.


Water line through drilled holes.

The deck plants have migrated back out of the sunroom and needed a better waterline solution. For the past forever I ran little waterlines between the deck slats back to the plants, the water pressure drops significantly at that length of a run. The solution is to bring a larger line under the deck to the rear wall, emerging in the open space of the window well (wired off last year from Raccoon’s using it as an outhouse), then splitting the line with a T to extend to all plant scenarios.


Water line elbow access.

It could be prettier, but that would have meant a trip to the hardware store. I shortened a line elsewhere in the yard to get the run under the deck, and used extras for the rest.


Back together.

The Lantana is acclimating under the deck, as it snowed yesterday and nighttime temps are still falling into the 30’s. Soon it will anchor the L corner of the pond at the deck “L”.


Tree, Rubber Plant, Lemon Pine: set.


The rose liked the snow.


The flat tan stones underwater at the foot of the Iris emerge to dry stone for bird drinks /baths. 


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