The Land of Alone.


Walking up the East side, looking to the South West and over the distant hayfield.


The lower end of the hayfield and up off the right is the new bbird house trek re the prev post. 


Rounding the upper draw of forested coulee, we’ll head across and drop down another coulee.


The pine forest is capped and bordered with Aspen groves.


The high southern boundary of Aspen guards the spring deep in the forest.


So many favorite places to visit!


Spot Belt mountain in the next pic.


Karen, Forest, Belt Mountain, Aspen; under sky of smoke and cloud and blue.


Significance of Alone all ’round.



These three trees have been as this for as long as I can remember.


rounding the double tree drops into the bear’s back yard


Bear sign. Grubbing stumps.


Hillside subsidence inundates a water trough. Invasive weeds surround in their own disaster.


Karen heads out after we take a day to drive to Billings and visit our cousin who is a partner in the ranch. I stay on to bike the canyon from Monarch to Neihart, but the day is hazy with smoke and I finish up chores.


The evening begins to clear. The next day is clear enough and perfect for cycling. The ride is my first since E broke her thumb crossing a curved RR track on a June ride in SLC followed by triple digit heat that settled in months early and weeks long. A cool tail wind up the canyon ensures the distance, as Belt Creek tumbles brightly beside the road. The next day I head out and at the base of King’s Hill a Golden Eagle dives directly in front of the truck and lifts a rabbit roadkill in a perfect continuous display of speed and skill, then I roll on through 500 miles of smoke retracing our new best scenic route along the Madison river toward Yellowstone’s West Gate.   


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