Monthly Archives: October 2017


A Xanderous growth on the Fern transplant.

The repotting of the fern just didn’t seem to take. Whatever could be the cause? I brought in a specialist who noticed this Xanderous growth. At this stage the fern is beyond recovery, unlike the other ferns in the room that were pre-treated with bamboo spikes.


The white pustule is a bit malignant.


Better than a box, a windowsill, a catbed: a fern. The vibrant fern in the foreground has bamboo skewers acting as tiger spikes. Sometimes he manages to lay between them…


Avian winter housing.

Spent a day making these little numbers. Multiple sparrows and finches can perch inside these winter houses. Inside there are rungs of perches, the hole is set low and there are no air vents to retain all the birdie-heat on cold nights. On cold days the wall gathers warmth, and the overhanging eve keeps them out of the elements. When the nights are single digits a bird or two can keep these near 30 degrees.


High up on a South facing warm wall.


The Back 40 is slowly becoming a bird sanctuary.


Nora was my spotter while up on the ladder.


Ahead Warp One. Crushin’ it. haHa-trekkie humor.

After refinishing the wood of the Kennedy Rocker, I decided to cane-weave the seat and back myself (the closest to caning I’ve been would be a macrame stint in 3rd grade that resulted in a plant hanger and an owl). Factoid: a bundle of caning is called a Hank. This was a two Hank project. I Hanked the Rocker, but the chair is also named Hank.


Nora photobombs are always glam. Also, Wefting right along- haHa! Nose on a Stick! (obscure Colbert reference from Harvey Birdman still used by ED in our coded nitwittery.)


Wefting to the right, after backfilling the left with Weft.  


New England Porch Weave is the pattern I laid down.


My weftin goes aaall the way-around!


Need a sarsaparilla whiskey and some high humidity to get a true sense of porch settin’.


Rocker Back front.


Rocker Back back.


Rocker Seat: a square with two triangles.


Acreage of cane ache.