Land of Perpetual Evening


Leaf blowing with help from high winds.

A usual late November storm would bring a few feet of snow and daytime high temps in the single digits with night time lows dipping toward -20 or even -40. In Thankgiving of 2005 I had to wait a few days for the county snowplow to arrive before I could head back to the Utah day-job. This year Global Weirding brings 60 degree day / 50 degree night temps (that is 80-100 degrees higher than is healthy for the forests), and 60 mph winds with 80mph gusts. It won’t matter how much snow falls if it all directly evaporates into the wind…


Nora gets a hint of what summertime is like here.


A few days ago this was snow and deer beds atop a dense layer of fallen leaves.


The stream through the yard thaws completely by nightfall.


Last summer’s tree triage is all holding true.


This little nuthatch was our exotic yard bird, acrobatically catching resurrected flies.


This spring bog had an old failed springbox; replaced this fall by our lesee.


We hope things can now dry out a bit.


The climb up the narrow valley was choked with snow over slick mud, and E turned back.


Climbing out of the valley onto the high grasslands.


The wind drives the snow up the hill, pushing the grasses over in an uphill direction. It is that windy right now, but I’m in a T-shirt.


60 degrees with 60mph wind.


This far north, this is about as high as the sun gets.


Shadows sprawl out in a perpetual Evening.


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