Xander dreams away the snowscape.

E & I took ourselves and the pets up to the Montana ranch for a week long Thanksgiving. When we arrived I could just open the yard gate through the snow, and put the truck in 4-wheel to back along the drive. Then record high temperatures set in day and night with howling winds and the snow evaporated away.


Representatives of our residential herd from the kitchen window.

The deer had weathered the prior snowstorm in the yard, creating around 20 circular deer beds of green lawn surrounded by snow and drifts. They returned as the snow cleared off to graze the green shoots.


Doe and fawn from the living room.


The wind removed all the snow.

Version 2

The wind shrunk E’s head- no photoshop. (vestigial head of panorama mode)


Nora assertively & vocally led us away from Rodney & George’s October elk kilz.


Cape of cow elk.


Skull and foreleg, moved about by more than just coyotes according to Nora.


Turn-of-the-Century abandoned haying rig in a high hayfield.


E’s head is back to normal, with the hay rig adrift in the field below.


Steep roll up & out of the hayfield to the top.


E pulls these from a bog and carries them back to the house as souvenirs.


The clouds are made of evaporated snow.


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