Pet Rock Walkies


Mid-morning; stone hefting time. The space from the Iris to the stream is backfilled with a variety of sandstone rocks, put in 5 years ago when I had bobcat help for a project that never happened.


One wagon load at a time, the stones pile on. 


One last section to trench and grade. This concrete boulder was an unwelcome find.


Drainage trench is added.


Belarus is a Balkan state of the old USSR; in the late 1980’s they entered the U.S. tractor market with a great 4×4 unit at the half the price of other tractors. My dad, who only bought ancient used farm equipment at estate sales, bought a brand new Belarus tractor and it outlasted him. This old inner tube was lying in a corner of the big garage.


I fillet the tube.


Trusty Russian rubber will line the new grade.


Another early morning trip to the shale seam.


E picks a nice bundle of limestone.


We head back up and fill all three buckets with limestone.


wait for it…


Limestone over shale, with a border of sandstone. Some day I’ll make sandstone steps to continue the big slabs by the storm door.


Now the basement will be much drier, and the original concrete slab from the 1800’s should remain intact til’ the end of civilization- so another decade or so…


All the dirt from the grading made great backfill for this new retaining wall of rail road ties, leveling out the yard as it drops off into the creek.


My plan for this little bit of yard and stream from 5 years ago is beginning to take shape.


I added in bailer banding to edge the garden along the ice house, just above the new retaining wall.


While I was at it, I put in edging for this flower bed. Its mirror bed on the other side of the path is lined with brick, done four years ago, and holds 30 purple iris- all about to bloom.


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