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I found this armoire for free, just a few blocks away. It had seem some hard use, but two days of Danger tinkering and she is ready to travel to the Montana ranch (she’ll nearly fill the bed of the truck).

3 Part Armoire. Mirrored Door. The biggest triage was making new interlocking boards between the drawer section and the closet section. Simple in theory, but it needs to align perfectly so when they seat together they seal tight. I had to wait for E to come home to help lift the closet on and off to set the pieces.
Steel wool carrying beeswax with orange-oil loosened black grime and paint splatter. It wiped away with a sacrificial microfiber towel cut into sections for degrees of yutz.
Both inlay panels are intact and cleaned up nicely.
Fleur de Inlay with flaming grail.
The door hardware is intact. Twist the hoop and now the latch catches and releases. I have an old skeleton key at the ranch that will likely fit the lock.
The center rear panel is new birch, still debating whether to stain it. The side panels just needed their tops and bottoms trimmed to fit and lots of fresh staples. A piece of oak is just behind the bottom edge of the door, securing the wall to the floor. The weight and pressure of the door had shattered the old bit of wood holding things together there. It was a few hours of fiddling to get that one detail to come together.
Also added in; a clothes hanger rod. This took some new supports for the walls.
The bottom of the drawer needed reattaching, and a side wall dovetail connecting to the face board had split out and needed glue with a long clamp overnight. The lateral runner bars needed resetting, and I added a back bumper strip to act as a stop.
Last week’s triage was repainting a portion of the bathroom door. First, removal of hardware.
I stripped the door down to the wood, removing old stinky lead paint. Then repainted and reassembled and rehung. This was necessary after using Costco’s mild bleach cleaning wipes around the door handle for a few years- it melted the binders in the paint.
There is a blizzard at the ranch, and here it will drop into the 30’s with rain and wind- so we moved all the deck plants back into the sunroom. The fig tree is blocking half the room, and I can hardly open the door. The sliding glass door is completely blocked as well. Things got big this summer!
The pair is cleaned and waxed.

All welds, road rash & dings, car paint & rubber bumper transfer have been turned back to fish skin and stream stones with grasses.

After adding in new patina at welds and dings, the sculpture is left to warm in the sun. Once toasty, I paint on a layer of clear wax, let it cool, and buff it off. Then warm it in the sun again. This view shows the rear fin’s weld to the hoop, and the front fin’s weld to a stream stone.
Another view of the front fin connected to a stream stone. A tan stone behind the fin is making it a bit visually confusing.
The rear fin from the opposite side. This weld is the only connection to this stream hoop, so it is hefty all the way around.
This fin had been ripped nearly off, and was clapped against the fin on the other side.
The third main anchor weld is the fin connection to the front hoop. A section of the stainless pipe is visible under the rear hoop, it’s weird angle shows the force of the impact. It will be cut away and replaced.
Happy to be clean and waxed, the pair will return to the studio to wait next to their stainless steel poles.
The knocked apart pair finally were released for me to reassemble.
They had some boo-boos.
And they had some ouchies.
Magical salmon glow underlays all fish welds.
There were three broken welds that joined the two fish. One.
The fish are tied down to my new hand truck, awaiting patination fix.
Swimmingly is how they are doing.
This is a recurring nightmare for a dented bumper somewhere out there.
And you may find yourself, in another part of the world.
Into the blue again; Into silent water.
Under the rocks and stones; There is water underground.
Water dissolving, and water removing; There is water at the bottom of the ocean; Under the water, carry the water; Remove the water at the bottom to the ocean!; Water dissolving, and water removing;
And you may ask yourself; “Well, how did I get here?”
And you might find yourself, living in a shotgun shack.
And you might find yourself in beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.
And you may tell yourself; This is not my beautiful house; And you may tell yourself; This is not my beautiful wife;
And you may ask yourself; “Where does that highway go to?”
Letting the days go by; Water flowing underground.
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down.
And you may ask yourself; How do I work this?
Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.
Letting the days go by (same as it ever was)
And you may find yourself; Behind the wheel of a large automobile.
And you might ask yourself; Am I right, or am I wrong?
And you might say to yourself;
“My God! What have I done?”
Time isn’t holding up
And time isn’t after us
And here the twister comes
Here comes the twister
Look where my hand was
And you might ask yourself; “What is that beautiful house?”
< Talking Heads >
And you may ask yourself; “Where is that large automobile?”
Same as it ever was.
Once in a lifetime; Let the water hold me down
Same as it ever was.
Into the blue again after the money’s gone; Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground.
My 1980’s mental soundscape pulled out David Byrne for the lyric through the blogpost.
Riptide apex at sunset on the beach front.
Lightning strikes ocean @ “Wrong night for the drug drop”.
Rain and thunder at the riptide.