Studio Support

I had an idea yesterday for an improvement to my sculpture stand tool box.
After standing around fitting and fidgeting in the pipe section, I arrived at this, then came home and drilled a hole through the middle.
It rests on a washer from the specialty bin of the hardware section, so it spins easily. The wheels on the stand are an upgrade from years ago, but still feel new enough to mention.
I cut an mdf circle to fit the middle, still short enough to fit under the big washer (with another specialty washer on top for less friction) that rests on the stand’s steel sleeve-pole; this way the weight of the sculpture won’t rest on the tool caddy.
The sculpture stand spins independently of the tool caddy, a big improvement from the tired old wood box I threw together in grad school on a Sunday afternoon running the wood shop.
Tools will now caddy out of the way, and come easily to hand.
All the tools for modeling in clay.
  1. Karen Gerhart said:

    Pretty keen also!

  2. Mom said:

    Oh, can I reply this way???? I never tried it before. Well organized!! Way to go, son!!!

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