Easter-Egg Hunt on Skis.

Montana Covid Quarantine: Day 21

Find your sunglasses, time to ski out before the day gets away from us.
Don’t worry about traffic.
Let’s ski up the road!
Climbing up the big hill.
A red tailed hawk and a pair of bluebirds are out and about up here in the wind and snow.
Snow report: Drifty powder to blown bald.
The fields are rippled with North wind snow-waves.
Following the lee side of the drifts is the sweet spot for gliding.
Nora stops chewing the snow from her paws for a sporty shot with her lady.
The Easter Egg of perfection: an open empty place for skiing.
The high hayfield is the snowbound hill on the horizon. If the wind weren’t so biting…
50mm lens and everything frames in, even though the mountains come out small- like taking a picture of the moon- everything shrinks.
I try to capture the openness of the country with a sideways panorama , and the building afternoon snow-squall storm gains imperative, while the land flattens down to an areal view. This is the last picture, as the cold up top squeezes the life out of the camera’s freshly charged battery. By the time we arrive back to the house the snow is whomping off the metal roof, and our outgoing tracks are lines of mud in the road. So much warmer down at the house at a balmy 25 degrees. Happy Easter everyone!

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