Two 4.2 earthquakes in SLC in 36 hour span; just snow here.

Montana Covid Quarantine: Day 25

 Two nights ago the storm arrived around 4am, and Nora got me up to let her out. She immediately disappeared into the black-out blizzard, similar to her first summer here years ago when she bolted into a night-time lightning storm. I wandered around in my PJ’s calling her a bit in the pitch black sideways snow, then went back to the kitchen and pulled on a jean jacket and a hat and grabbed a flashlight. I followed her tracks out of the back yard, they loped toward the corral, then switched around and faded out in a long running line up the valley to nowhere. I hadn’t been out long before she came bolting into the beam of the flashlight. She was really glad to have found me, and crowded my legs all the way home.
Not enough snow for the skis, but enough to need snow boots. Nora and I head up the valley.
A coyote’s tracks come down out of these trees, and from out of the forest behind. We had followed the tracks up out of the valley.
There are no tracks of anything up here, as the forested valleys give out and the wind and snow reign alone.
One of Nora’s favorite views.
A lone male Bluebird flits by us…
Back to civilization.
1 comment
  1. mom said:

    I love the panorama pic. And thanks for the updates. It’s so good to be “roaming” the land with you. Mom

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