Thunderstorm Spring

Montana Covid Quarantine: Day 32

After a day of rain, evening squalls blow up from the Northern plain. In the past few days the lawn has been hand raked for sticks and matted leaves, then mulched with a mower with spring hooks (the yard ate 4 hooks), then all the dead grass & detritus vacuumed up with a bagging mower. The front hedgerow was thinned and trimmed, and the Iris bed at the front porch was split and moved into its expanded bed (more Iris splits and beds on the to-do list, the largest area needing split was still locked in a frost layer and has to wait).
This bit was under a snowbank, so it has only been raked. See how it is laid down and swept toward the corral by the snow…
Minutes later the storm has swept overhead and is driving up the valley to the South.
Our resident pair of Redtail hawks fly down-valley from the high forests, as the twilight thunderstorms are on the way.
They drift around the front yard and over the forest, then on down.
Anvil thunderheads amass to the South and West. As twilight falls the lighting courses behind the high ridges flashing among the clouds and booming and reverberating the valley. E and I stand in the yard as it begins, Nora stays in the house with an anxiety pill as she tries to crawl under the bed with uncontrollable shaking.

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