Montana Sunshine In A Jar

The beekeeper checked his hives today. We walked up to watch and he put me in his bee gear, we headed to the hives, and he pulled me out this honeycomb!
We scraped the honeycomb from the frame / starter into a big sauce pan.
Most of the waxy comb is warming on the stove, this pure stuff just needed a strainer.
Liquid Gold!
The honey is nearly transparent once strained.
Elizabeth”s afternoon is all mapped out.
The Bee Queen. Not to be confused with the Queen Bee.
Seriously, you have to stop yourself. Try having just one spoonful. Alpine Flower Serum.
Thank you bees!
This could be considered a spoonful, couldn’t it?
  1. Karen Gerhart said:


  2. Mom said:

    Wow! Truly a golden treasure. So many gifts from Mother Earth and her interwoven web. What treasured memories you two are creating. What a legacy you were given.

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