Day 8 of Window Triage

I started the day with some fun, fitting out the storm windows with hanging hardware (vs the 6 screws that I’m guessing had replaced 6 nails). These storm windows fit nicely in the window frames.
All fitted out. Can swing open, or lift off, or squeeze tight. I then remove the hardware and move on to priming.
The old Living Room window needs some help as well. My dad had drilled two holes through the window casing to allow his TV cable that slung across the yard to a huge antennae bringing in 2 channels, well, 1 1/2. One hole is already re-drilled and plugged with a glued dowel, and here I am finding his first hole, up at an angle, and into the frame of the window. He stopped drilling just as I did, narrowly avoiding disaster- though I was drilling through all the wadded up whatnots he’d stuffed into the hole. Now plugged with a dowel and glued. Next I will cut the dowel so the window is clear of the frame, each with its bit of dowel.
Glue and clamps for a shattered rail. The wide putty knife adds square support.
Layer one of primer on the kitchen window.
Beginning primer layer two.
Primed and drying.
Primer coat for the bedroom window is on the outside face only. The inside face is wood with clear urethane rubbed with wax to match the sash window.
Priming the kitchen’s two storm windows, front and back. Tomorrow is glass / glazing. The mosquitos switched out with the biting flies for the last hour of the day.
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  1. Mom said:

    Ah—-the green, green grass—–the big blue Montana sky—- what a place to live and work!! Trees for shade—mosquito spray when needed. What more could a man ask for……..well, a gal like E to keep him company!

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