Danger Badger vs Packrats

The cellar burped up most of its defunct ducting. The brown striping is packrat “patina”.
The crew that laid in the ducting for the central heating (it lasted less than a decade back in the 60s/70s before the bsmt flooded and destroyed it) cut directly through structural beams, rim-joists of hand hewn trees, and cememted stone- and left all their mess behind. There were three sections that needed help. This section fixes a rim joist that was cut all the way out (an entire piece of squared timber cut from our forest for the 1800’s portion of the house), exposing a weight-bearing vertical that dangled its naily foot above the ducting. This is a tidy layer of fixes. A 4×6 treated lumber is lag-bolted to the remains of the rim-joist, backed with a section of 2×4 to span the dangling vertical. This fixed the upstairs floor sag and squeak from the living room to the kitchen. Next comes the plywood, to block out the packrats and mice. I scribed out the pattern of shattered out foundation wall, and used our tried and true critter gap measure of aluminum cans keeping the wooden edges unchewable as well.
This was a less disastrous mess (no before pic. of the first). They would drill a border then smash through with chisels. The shattered wood is everywhere.
All sealed up.
I went back and foamed this one as well.
This is the third disaster. I blocked it off from critters, but didn’t do any structural fixes; because of the pee/poo and bones and wadded up clothes stuffed in for “insulation” and the actual pink insulation used for nesting? Yeah. Probably. So the fix is removable so I Future Feller can go back in “some day”.
Fixed enough. My Badger mojo has run its course, so maybe no more critters down there.
1 comment
  1. Mom said:

    Well done!!! And finding hand-hewn logs from the 1800’s………..great to have that sense of history.

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