Back to SLC- Social isoLation with Conveniences. And showers.

Dave brings up his June calves and a few cows too old or lame for the trail.
While the new arrivals settle in, Dave and his crew set out to fix a hole in the fence up over the hill, and round up all the cattle that spilled through the hole and put them back.
It is our last afternoon at the ranch, and we set out to work half the line of our Bluebird houses.
Heifers are always interested in human tinkering.
They moooove in for inspection.
400 miles due south of the ranch is Pocatello, Idaho; the site of this summer’s ubiquitous “Drive-By Fire”.
Our path takes us to the nose of the fire, just above town, and all down its flank.
Simultaneously, a few hundred miles south of Salt Lake City, the interstate was closed as another bigger fire swept over the highway. The nighttime low temps in SLC are about the daytime highs at the ranch, and humidity stands between 6-14 percent vs the rainbows and thunderstorm-showers of Montana. AC/DC’s Highway to Hell isn’t on my playlist…

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