Binary Bedroom: Pink

Friday morning I finished out two windows. This is the bedroom N window. I taped this one, leaving a 1/16″ gap for the acrylic to seal the glazing. Setting the tape takes way longer than just being steady with a trim brush, but the tape-line looks nice when all finished out. Then we headed to Great Falls for an afternoon of hardware stores and groceries.
This window was upstairs and E thought it might be a storm window for the little pink bedroom above the living room.
This is how I feel about old rickety ladders- hazy at best. I climbed up with the “storm window” (a sash for a weight system- which no window in the house uses, but so far all the upstairs windows are set up for weights). It fit mostly, or as far as I could tell from up there slinging it over to fit the sill.
After the ladder woozies subsided I decided to pull the little double pane. It was fitted poorly and was a favorite for fall wasps and flies. It anchors up inside the wall, with a false top that opens to the space between the walls. No wonder the wasps loved it so much. It may also explain how fall flies magically appear downstairs. All sealed up now.
Here are the windows. Intact! I may be able to triage them a bit, rather than a full tear-down. That may be a bit optimistic…
Heat gun peeled and paint wheeled. Next comes drilling/screwing to tighten it up, then bondo for wood splits and caulk for seams that expand/contract.
It is the nicest view in the house. Downstairs E is baking a chocolate zucchini bread. Its yumminess is battling the weird smells of the funky upstairs. The funk was getting to me, and I put a drop or two of peppermint essential oil in my face-mask. Wowzers! I could hardly see, much less breathe. Like friendly pepper spray.
All finished out and primed with oil based Kilz.
I cleaned out the death traps, and reinstalled them with escape ramps. The bins catch water that comes in by the chimney in rain storms. The bins were rained in a few days ago, and my whole time in this room was “funky”. Our trip to town gathered the gear to make a fix, I just dread going up on the steep steel roof.
The afternoon is spent finishing out two more storm windows. This is the final kitchen storm. I’m painting the glazing and just touching the glass, to seal everything up tight.
This is the living room storm window, that covers the 1800’s window original to the house. Painting the glazing again.
I finish them out and they are a frosty green like the image at the head of the post. That is all of the windows from our last trip up. Next I’ll to move on to the windows I’ve pulled this trip. After cleaning up from windows I mixed up a little batch of mortar and filled a spot on the stone foundation to the bee bedroom/parlor that seemed to be a new mouse entrance.

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