#3 of 4 upstairs windows…

Kitty T.V. Montana Special: Ground Squirrel Edition. The squirrels get on the porch and jump up on the tall Columbine stalks to bite off a seed pod. Quite an athletic feat that triggers the feline motion-activated stalking switch.
Before I make a big dusty mess, I’ll just Spar Urethane the bedroom windows. This is the window I pulled last trip up. It is ready to go back in, but I’ll give it another coat.
This is the window I pulled a few days ago. The linseed oil has set, and I’ll keep layering on again this afternoon and one more in the morning.
The rocking chair I refinished and re-caned a few years ago could use a few layers as well.
On to the dirty work. Pink bedroom window with flygoo. Removing the glazing to remove the glass. Two windows in similar shape.
I added wooden pins to the window under clamps and am moving on to E’s recommended storm window for the pink bedroom. I’ll get all three windows cleaned down, ready for glass.
I get up well before the bees and the sun to set about sealing around the chimney. Hopefully this takes care of the leak in the “boys bedroom” with the now cleaned mouse Thunderdome.
Nora awaits my return from my astral mission.
The bees emerge for the day’s work and are none the wiser to all my ladderings.
Final sand down of woodfill and glued pins for the pink bedroom windows. The glass is cleaned and pinned in place. I’m popping the top of the new bucket of glazing.
Glazing goes on easy. It’s 8pm as I’m writing, and E just called me outside to see the annual pinwheeling of the Nighthawks. About 60 flew up the valley, then down, and over the house, and then on up the valley.
The linseed solution has cured up for the “boy’s bedroom” and the window glass go in. I’m skipping the linseed solution for the remaining windows, and will rely on the oil-based exterior kilz so I can get more upstairs windows resolved before we go. These were the windows with extra panes to make up the gap. It was a trip to town to get the longer glass.
Glazing should sit for 7-14 days before painting with an oil based primer. I’ll give the glazing two days, it should be fine…
This is the upstairs room above the bee bedroom / parlor. I’ve triaged the yuck, so E comes up to take an adjusted “before” picture. The white squiggle lines are caulking that sealed up heavy plastic that was also stapled in place- also a nice fly sauna. Shop vac has flotillas of flies in its belly.
The lower window had no rails to hold it in place, just a few screws pinned it place that I’d put in 10 years ago- better than nothing.
The upper window was painted in place from the outside. Now triage begins. I’ll get the window box cleaned, sanded, wood puttied, finish sanded, caulked, and primer painted.
This is tomorrow’s project. Without all the power tools and online tutorials, just changing out a window would be a Herculean task. So a broken window wasn’t really broken if all the pieces were still there. I totally get that.
Pretty keen “fix” of a washer on each side of the window (Buttons! actually) squeezed with wire. I think one of my uncles came up with this fix when it was still his room, in the 1940’s or 50’s. This fix was likely from before the house had electricity. This window has a sill and the entire interior frame was painted unprimed purple. I found the same purple in the downstairs bedroom years ago from the age of linoleum that was then carpeted over and which we tore down to the hardwood floors back in 2013.
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  1. Mom said:

    Wow!!! So much history you’re uncovering. Thanks for all the photos. What a fantastic location for outdoor work. I know you’re enjoying seeing the fruits of your labors. Lucky, lucky folks!!!

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