#4 of 4 under way.

These are the windows from bedroom #3, yesterday’s pull. By late lunchtime I have them sanded down, the glass removed, and wooden pins glued at multiple mortise/tenon joints- set aside for the glue to cure overnight.
The corner is clamped over lunchtime, while Sandy- my little helper woodblock- keeps an eye on things.
I’m moving on to glazing the West facing storm for the bedroom, but will hang it as a “dry-fit” while still light weight and windowless.
Next time it hangs it will have glass and paint. The inside face is a nice luster of clean wood under spar-urethane.
Cleaning the salvaged glass.
Reinstalled panes, now adding the glazing points.
The ground squirrel races along the fence line, he is here, there, and everywhere.
I’m starting to fade out, but get it all glazed by 4pm.
I bet I could pull that last bedroom window after a shady cool soda by the creek.
I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

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