Still with the window thing…

Bedroom #3 (of 4) Windows are ready for glass. So goes the morning: glazed in and ready for primer.
Did someone day primer? I head up to Bedroom #4 and paint the sill- it looked like rain all day, and did spit a few drops after midnight.
Oil-based primer for bedrooms #1 & #2 and the storm for #2, as well as the screen window for the kitchen.
This is the storm window.
A passel of cattle arrive at the corral, and the flies come with them.
Windows to #4. Only one pane survived. I almost just left this for Future-Dan, with a plan to board up this window and focus on getting all the others going. This idea was making a black hole in the future that reached back to the now and sapped my momentum, so I got on with the last bit of gross.
Both are scraped- one is against the tree back there. I finally had to show mercy to the shop vac after this final pair of windows and change out its bag and filter. About 10 lbs of lead paint and yutz.
Then a course of 60-grit / 80 grit / 100 grit to reveal smooth new wooden skin.
Lots of new wooden pins at the mortise/tenon joints, glued splits, with clamping through lunch and a bit longer while I prep glass from the salvage stack. Next they receive wood-putty for all the splits and gaps. I’ll re-sand, then glaze and primer these tomorrow.
The tools required for start to finish- with a finished window to bedroom #1.
The partner window for bedroom #1.
This is the storm window for bedroom #2. Nora has told me that she ate an hour ago, and it is time to play. And really really time to stop for the day.

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