A day without a dust mask!

I started at 7am and will go ’til 6: I’m starting an hour earlier for the next bit as that extra hour saves a few hours the next day. These are yesterday’s windows- they needed a final clean up from wood pins and putty. It’s a day off from the office for E, and she gets out for a picture as I prep the second window for glazing.
These bottom windows have a slot that the window slides up into. I hope the old glass holds together.
Glazing points went in smoothly, glazing putty is in, now primer.
These are the windows for the pink bedroom with the great view, getting their two coats of green enamel latex.
I went upstairs and painted all the window casings green, forgetting to pull my tape-line. Now I have to use the razor to cut along the line before pulling or it will pull away the delicate layer of oil-primer over the glazing.
On the big storm window for the bedroom. I gave in to the blue tape after free-handing all the windows last time up, and free-handing all the primer.
Lots more of this in the pipeline for today.
6 windows here, of 11. Plus the windows on the house done last trip, I worked on them without removing them as they were in good shape- their storm windows are all finished from this trip and in the guest bedroom. So 3 more storm windows to install added to the 11, for 14. Sounds like a weekend.
This pair of windows, or dose desequis, may be where tomorrow begins- in my dad’s childhood bedroom.
They are dry to the touch, but will stick together if they touch. So the will stay against the house tonight to cure out.
None of the windows have their inside face painted yet. So far, it doesn’t rain inside the house, so they should be good til our next visit.
Blurry, but the two big storms for the bedroom, and the second kitchen screen, sans screen. All the long runs of wood leaning about are the window railings refurbished originals and new stock. I hope I have enough. The windows were often held in place with mismatches of floor trim, ceiling trim- anything that was thin, long, and true.

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