112mph Windstorm

Our neighbor’s tree wound up in our yard and on the studio roof. 50 semis flipped, thousands of trees damaged and toppled, houses wrecked, power to be out for many for days. We got off easy.
I’ve just begun hauling the detritus to stage on the driveway.
All the plants on the porch are on the ground, some by wind, some by me.
My neighbor and I started piling his tree up, me from my yard and he from his.
Hanging limbs, shattered limbs, and one punched a hole through the roof of the studio, but luckily missed both skylights landing between them and punching a hole clear through just to the side. Glad it was just wind. It died down and I got up there and found the hole and patched it.
  1. Karen Gerhart said:

    It never stops coming this year, does it?

  2. mom said:

    Wow! And you were lucky! I was afraid you’d not even have power. I didn’t catch the evening news. Heard Denver/Boulder had lots of snow!! Go with the flow……..stay flexible……seems a great way to stay sane. Do take care of your back………..

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