Smoked Ice House

Ice House: on the to-do list.
This is how things looked in July.
The daub (mortar with white paint) over chinking (wood fitted between the logs: all coming apart.
This is my giant 30 gallon feed bucket of packrat poo. I pulled nails from the walls and ceiling for awhile, and found a rotted ceiling Cants (these cants are sawmill cut remnants of cutting “Cant” lumber). The poo started raining down from the ceiling. The ceiling is made of log Cants (with bark still on for many), backed with planks. This makes the ceiling seem to be made of full logs, and has a nice undulation. The structural framing above the ceiling is narrow 8 inch diameter logs dropping down from the trans-beam to the walls, this creates a gap of 8 inches between the ceiling and the roof: about 4 inches of dirt is packed into the gap from 140 years of dust blowing around, and this critter nest- which spanned 4 Cants. The roof is heavy plank, topped with cedar shingles, then tar shingles, and now a steel roof.
I pulled the rotten cant. My dad had used the ice house to store household garbage over the winter, and the packrats had found the perfect living situation.
Before I cut away the ceiling cant, this giant pile of nest tumbled out with some encouragement.
I cut the cants and pushed out “nesting” from roof peak on down, spanning four cants.
The critters collected my dad’s little matchbooks.
Two Cants removed revealing the roofing planks above the Cant ceiling.
I brought up clear acrylic panel for a different idea, but I’ll fit it as a “window” to fill the hole and let some light in.
Hurt-em Hammer says Smash! No! Bad Hurt-em Hammer! Bad! Don’t make me put you back in the tool box and switch to Don’t Hurt-em Hammer (the old wooden handled hammer).
Hurt-em Hammer goes into a time-out, and I foam fill gaps.
Pulling the old remnants of electrical for the Ice House.
This ancient fire started at the ceiling light (now pulled).
The tails of the burned Cants have disintegrated.
All cleared out and ready for a fix.
8 inch lumber from old old old corral remnant.
Measure and cut, then fit and cut, and fit and cut, and it falls apart.
I search for another piece of lumber, there are none, so I make a fix. It fits.
On to (Woody Woopecker inspired) Ha Ha-ha HA-Ha Hammer- the spring hammer with a pick / axe. I found him 6 years ago at a going-out-of-business sale in a man-tool specialty-store in SLC; $5 well spent.
Would you like some aged mortar on your packraterry? Oh, please Yes!
Meanwhile, Cows. When we arrived Dave had the corral busy with cows, vaccinating this years calves. He was missing 13 pair and a bull. Today he headed out to find them, and after a long day far off the ranch in the neighboring lands, had most of them rounded up. A last pair are on the ranch, but in country too rough for ATV’s.
Heading into the corral.
Crossing the marsh / creek.
Worn out dogs and humans.
Our dim overcast of smoke from the entire West Coast.
Ha Ha-ha HA-Ha Hammer is a spastic brute!
I have enough arm left to shatter the pure plaster daubing on the end wall.
Now you can see the outside from the inside! The smoke really rolls in after this, and outside work will have to wait at least a day.

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