Golden Eagle evening.

Sunday night stroll up the big hill. The smoke is gone and the sunset is clean and lovely.
I noticed this big fellow up on the hill after I cleaned up for the day. Lets zoom in.
With binocs you can see his yellow feet and impressive beak: Golden Eagle!
We head out for our sunset stroll after dinner and he is still there.
He doesn’t mind us walking by, but is gone upon our return.
Last of the sun on the high ridgeline and the colors start coming on. The first image is how things looked at their peak.
9-6pm project: foaming the Ice House in prep for expanded metal and mortar. The first lap is shooting deep into the creases.
First lap is finished.
Second stage is building up mass.
Third stage is hitting trouble spots and backfilling gaps.
As full as it can get, and a little bit more.
Spraying water first helps the foam to stick and to kick, then a mist after helps it to set.
Many caps for many spent bottles of foam.
After lunch I head in with a disk grinder / paint eater and clean the foam up, setting it at the correct angle/bevel from the upper log to the lower.
The foam dust sticks to everything.
Shop-vac blower comes in handy.
All foamed in and cleaned up. Ready for expanded metal and mortar.
I can see how it might come out now. Still a big lift remaining, but the momentum is rolling.

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