Traipsing for Aspen

The yard bunny’s name is Andy Goldsworthy. (Art joke…)
Three bachelors.
Stopping at the fence-line to check our position.
Leaping the fence-line.
We came up to walk through the Aspen.
This stand is at the top of a valley, diving down into a deep forest.
We scare up a coyote, who bounds away in great kangaroo leaps- then turns to look.
In a moment he spins to the L and bicycles over the edge of the hill into the next steep of forest.
The alpine grassland on this high hillside runs to a long line of Aspen, forming a narrow forest of gold insulating against the pine forest that drops down into the gorge.
Across the grassland and down a coulee and up onto a summit there is our small hayfield (looks like a golf course).
The ladies take a moment to listen to the breeze in the quaking Aspen.
Heading down the 1970’s logging road.
Down in the tulgey wood.
We break out of the forest to more bordering Aspen.
On the far hillside another big hayfield makes a buff passage. The bluebird houses we checked yesterday are all at the top of the shadow above the hayfield. We were just over there replacing a birdhouse we found damaged yesterday, with one from near the house that the Wren fills with twigs.
No one wants to leave the ranch, and we’ve already stayed nearly another week. So this is our last evening. It was a good one.
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  1. Mom said:

    What an inheritance!!! And you folks are such good stewards. The scope and beauty of the land is awesome. And your poet’s soul feels and understands the strength and fragility of the land. And magic occurs—antlered deer; the eagle; bunnies; various birds; and aspen trees, whose roots are all inter-connected, bringing gold and delight before the whiteness and cold of winter. Remember how at Zim-Ger we’d shake the trees themselves to force the early spring snows from breaking the leafing branches???
    Thanks for the pics which allow me to be at the ranch with you. It’s so important to know that there are places like this on our sweet earth. And glad you made it back to SLC easily.

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