Every Every Every Every Day…

My best day of single page combo gestures in the past month. After this I switched out to small toned paper for a few weeks.
Here’s a crop of the bigger image. Maybe it was just a great model that day…
Another close up- yes, I’m sticking with the great model theory.
Note to self: If a model is stepping on a knicknack, always put it in, or the foot looks floaty.
Lesson learned. Thanks Danger.
18 x 24 Scaling up is a challenge.
Atmospheric value.
Reflected light study, using kneaded eraser to blend and layer.
Trying out using core shadow of direct light combined with volumetric lighting of the mind’s eye: mixing them is a new idea.
Most of February my gesture sessions were toned paper with b&w or sepia & brown or all 4 as used here.
After this longer set I moved on to pen and ink, colored pencil, charcoal pencil, and graphite pencil.
  1. Karen Gerhart said:

    These are impressive! Really coming to life

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