Modified Quiddler

6 am and things are blue.
6:10 a.m. and the blue is toning out.
6:30 and we are on to white. The fire is started and the cats are fed, and the back porch is shoveled. A quick tour of the yard while the coffee brews.

For some evening fun, E and I have modified the card game Quiddler into a poem generator, as follows:

Ten Inner keggles / An hour Put The / Lean on the backside of her Glute / Her Divine Toy / could Quack, press Oat milk, with Club-Core gusto / Her Lady-Gear Aped / a hard Box to the Jaws / Paid Zero Wages / offered No Mix of blind Scent / and gave men the Doey-Vue of a Cow.

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  1. Mom said:

    Thanks for the posts!!! I’d hoped you’d made it there before the storms. Good grief, you get so much work done!!! I’ve been dethatching my front yard with a rake……..and takes forever, especially in 80 degree weather. I love that the bumble bees are buzzing. They hide in the willows during snow???? And oriels have arrived. Does the eagle stay year-round??

    Love the blue of the morning snow. Fantastic pics. Thanks!!!

    Enjoy! I envy you two. What a lovely place for solace. Apparently the lilacs and iris aren’t in bloom yet. Good for them; they’ll not be killed by frost.

    Drizzling, some touches of snow here….32 in AM….didn’t cover the Japanese Maple; seemed OK. Was able to cut 15 roses about an hour before another set of drizzle/rain. House smells so nice!!! We have one more day or cold and then things should warm up again.

    Are you planning to stay there for your actual birthday?

    Thanks for the pics. I so enjoy hearing from you.

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