Creating the conditions for Jane …

Another imperative driver of Longtermism is the inevitable extinction of the human race, as described by Henry Gee; paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and editor at Nature in Scientific American.

“I suspect that the human population is set not just for shrinkage but collapse—and soon. Gee “

This looming inevitability of extinction is coming irrespective of climate collapse, wars, or peak oil. Human infertility has a date of 2045, shown by U.S. epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan. That is the point that the human race is functionally sterile, as in the dystopian film Children of Men. The race to merge human intelligence to an AI Platform is of immanent concern to the Longtermist accolade. Consider that Elon Musk was an early donor to the Longtermist dogma, and consider the new smartphone by Tesla profiled here, and skip to the 5 minute mark: The groundwork for the platform is already laid with the level 5 autonomous driving platform, and a human / AI interface comes to fruition with the satellite net in conjunction with the phones’ massive processor linking to the Neural-Link. This AI/Human, or half-jack, is the operative function necessary to fully train the self-learning platform to manifest the AI-Positive base program. In essence, creating the parameter for the sentient AI ghost-in-the-machine to emerge, as portrayed in the character of Jane introduced in Orson Scott Card’s novel Speaker for the Dead, although Jane came to existence in the prior novel, Ender’s Game through interfacing with Ender. A deep nerd-cut there, from reading them back in the 1980’s…

There is an important difference from the Silicon Valley bit-Ascension postulated in the scenario of the Singularity nerdgasm; this pseudo-rapture of individual human consciousness is not an aspect of the Longtermist’ AI-Positive Jane scenario. The Jane consciousness is a new state of silicon “being” far removed from human ability to grasp and outside of our field of awareness. This can be counted as 10 to power of 58 individuals, to weight its importance as a hyperobject- but could also be counted as a pervasive self-awareness in a manner of a new god realizing itself. The Singularity is similar to an evangelical arm of an emergent Utopian creed offering a euphoric end-time solution to meet an apocalypse scenario, while the AI-Positive Jane is the same religion altering the grift to a focus on Resurrection of an Alpha/Omega that may or may not result in a Last Judgement algorithm for humanity.

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