Blooming: Yule Cactus / Yule Tree (click title to unwrap images- Merry Xmas!).

The Christmas Cactus provides its own decorations!
This cactus was grown from a cutting from E’s grandmother’s plant from Dublin, Ohio.
Allison and Elizabeth work with Kaye and Walt to unbox generations of Xmas Tree ornaments.
Kaye and E appreciate a scene inside a duck egg.
Voices the cat doesn’t mind the boxes on boxes of ornaments, as long as xmas snacks are provided.
The expression of Xander’s dream world unfolds above him…
  1. Karen Gerhart said:

    Wow. Beautiful tree. And the cats don’t terrorize the ornaments?

  2. The cats take their cue from Nora, who’s big tail never touches it. Such polite kids…

  3. Mom said:

    Such fun! Did they mail the boxes of ornaments? Or bring them in suitcases??? You and Karen and I have to do the same someday. We have ornaments from late 1800’s from Germany.

    And I love the Christmas Cactus. I got my cutting from Grandma Meta Zimmerman. It’s more pinkish in color….and it blooms around my birthday….Thanksgiving.

    Traditions….memories. So glad you’re taking lots of photos. And thank goodness Allison, Walt & Kaye came early. Airports are such a mess right now!!! You folks get to have a peaceful white Christmas. Enjoy!!!! Know I’m thinking of all of you and sending you lots of love.

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