Bird Safety Season

Bird strikes against the windows are always a bummer. Window stickers do little, and before the earthquake we had a variety of stained glass hung that also wasn’t 100%, but it is mostly down now. I looked at a few birding sites, and rope strands outside the window seem to do the trick, so I tricked it out. All the rest of the windows get covered outside with a mesh heat/light shield, later in the season.

The winter greenhouse is the summer sunroom, now upgraded for our feathered friends.
The fishing line strand and knots on the rope bottom keep things tidy in gusty wind. Leaving them loose at the bottom lets me wash the windows.
Vinyl J-Channel and a drill with a bit bigger than the rope, plus shock cord is all it takes (and two screws). Strand the cord through the hole and tie a knot to keep it up there. The J-channel hides the knots along the top.
My metal shop has needed drywall mud and paint since day one. I had insulation blown into the walls back in 2010, with 2 holes drilled per 16″ stud bay; then had commissions pile up, and never got around to it (also, it is a shop…). The drywall work at the ranch made me think I should get some more practice taping and mudding, and as I had everything I needed already- including tinted kilz paint from painting the ranch house back in 2013, I knuckled down and got it done at last.
So much brighter now. Of course, I had to reorganize everything as well…
In looking up you can see that I didn’t get excited enough to do the ceiling.

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