Jiffy-Pop Pink

Lunar Lander? Jiffy Pop installation art? Insulated vapor barrier?
Pink bedroom when fixing the windows in 2020. All of the wallboard from ceiling to walls are a laminate cardboard. The facing wall is wallpapered with pink on pink, and the rest of the room is painted hot pink. Yikes.
Two days ago, stripped of all the paperboard and shop-vacced clean.
Bug sprayfoam for all the seams, then trimmed to smooth with the panels. The panels are repeated on the other side of the house framing (and skinned with tarpaper and siding), creating an empty cavity. Filling the cavity would create dewpoint moisture in the winter, rotting out the wood and causing the outside paint to peel. So only an interior solution is possible.
Two inch foam panel on the ceiling and bump wall, one inch panel for the vertical walls. Then some of the angled seams are filled with expanded foam, but most are nice and flush. Then all the seams are taped over with AL weather tape. I’ll probably tape the seam at the floor as well.
The last of the pink is the sun-faded dividing wall to the rest of the original 1800’s 24×16 footprint. To the R of the door above the light switch is the glow lamp frame for holding a glass liquid filled tube (removed so it didn’t get broken in the demo). I don’t know if it was sunlight reactive, or radium- they are throughout the house.
That 60 watt bulb is more than bright enough now…
I removed the window framing, as the window is now inset from the wall.
An in-progress from resurrecting the windows back in 2020.
The windows for the pink room- a nice example of why everything needs to be done in stages over the course of years. These windows now slide open, and have a storm window that opens as well.

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