Jiffy Pop nearly at Real Genius level.

From the pink & jiffy pop room, looking to the remaining 16 feet of the original ranch house.
Wavy old panels. I’ve already removed the kickboard.
I peel a line with my j-bar, as the seams are fastidiously nailed- and this way I can pry the panels free.
All kinds of ranch weird was trapped behind the panels. I wore a head sock, N95 respirator, goggles, gloves, heavy shirt, jeans, boots; and all were blackened and hazed with fiberglass.
Cobwebs on the wall and nasty on the floor.
I throw all the panel out the window of the pink bedroom, and wagon it to the garage.
The floor gets swept and the wall/ceiling shopvac-ed.
Next I pull all the zillions of tack-nails that held the wall panel.
Then I spray foam all the seams between the planks, then cut the foam.
Now I can hit every structural nail with the framing hammer, then drill in a passel of tightening screws.
Then the 2 inch AL faced foam panel goes in. I also foam paneled the door to my dad’s childhood bedroom- it is the biggest room in the house, the size of the kitchen, bath, laundry.
The circle on the floor is the original stovepipe passage- I marked the corresponding hole on the ceiling (barely discernible here). I put the camera up in the little crawlspace/attic; about an inch or less of old blown insulation remaining up there (mixed with mouse poo).
I used lots more screws/washers this time, and will add more in pink jiffy pop as well.
Time to foam the gaps.
Foaming the gaps.
Keeping the light hardware tidy, yet sealed up.
This is where 3 planes of roof meet, and prior to the steel roof, was a leaky problem. I pulled the water ruined panels from the stairwell as well, across from this winter’s “magic door” fix that runs up this portion, through the room above, and on up to the roof. Enough birthday fun for one day- I’ll finish it out tomorrow.

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