Murder House Missives

The hummingbirds have arrived!
This hummingbird ate right out of my hand!
We tied a string to it, though Audubon Society says it may be a federal crime…
When E told me she’d never flown a hummingbird before, well, I found some string.
We left our one house guest in the company of the cats, who are consummate entertainers and conversationalists, while we attended to the gardening. Upon our return we discovered a real face-off murder mystery had occurred!
In the gentlemen’s smoking room the fellows were in their favorite chairs. Our clamorous entrance awakened them and they watched just as pictured while we discovered the body at the site this very photograph was taken. They both were, of course, aghast and appalled that such a thing could happen in the room while they fortified themselves with rest. They assured us it was a great mystery, and that our guest had stepped out of the room soon after our departure and they hadn’t seen him again…til now. Mortifying.
Such a devastating murder couldn’t even be mentioned in the company of this young lady. Why, we have seen her entertain both mice and rats. She carries them most gingerly from place to place, as they feign a great fatigue. She doesn’t mind that they will soon stir and leap about in animated conversation with her, then beckon her to carry them again, in their exhaustion. No, she cannot be told of the terrible deed that happened just outside her private room.
The whole neighborhood was abuzz with the gruesome deed, and many gathered to gossip. I hope we don’t become known as the “murder house”!
Storms begin to roll across the high valley.
The sun declines as the clouds build.
The winds pick up and the clouds race outward.
The storm front arrives with lightning and thunder, then long awaited rain closed with a double rainbow at sunset.
The entire second floor’s original footprint of the house has reached Tin-Woodsman level.
That must be the door to the Tin Woodsman’s empty heart.
If the Tin Woodsman had a vision of The Singularity, it resides here.

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